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LDA City Naya Pakistan Apartments in 2021

08 Feb 2021
LDA City Naya Pakistan Apartments in 2021

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme 2021

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is essentially a new housing project for several 5 million houses for the lower-income groups in Pakistan by Prime Minister Imran Khan. The full details of the project that Prime Minister Imran Khan has revealed so far are here. Pakistan needs cheaper homes, period. It is essential to own a house in a country in which many people aspire to hit both ends. Homelessness isn't just a big problem here, but also in the developing world. However, some countries have succeeded very effectively in some proactive steps to eliminate homelessness.

House ownership is also a big problem for those who cannot afford to have their own house and rely heavily on rented housing. The new government is committed to providing Pakistanis with affordable housing and coping with a shortage of ten million homes. In this respect, the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is a fresh air breeze. PM Imran Khan said, during the launch of this affordable housing project, "The plan is to turn the slums of the country into towering high-rises via a new revolutionary building facility created by the Chinese." PM Khan was hopeful that a Chinese company has been offering prefabricated homes and building the entire floor in a week so that in a short span, slums can become high-rise buildings.

In October 2018, this project began. The budget-friendly NPHP houses have constructed in the country's different cities. For both Government employees and the general public, the government is working hard to create budget-friendly houses on-time.

LDA City Lahore budget-friendly apartments

The builders are encouraged to build apartments to deal with the housing shortage. The urban housing deficit is estimated to be around 4 million. 53 % of Punjab's population is therefore much greater than the other Pakistani provinces because of the need for housing in Punjab. The Lahore Development Authority introduced LDA building and zoning regulations 2019 to promote the vertical growth of the city and to save primary agricultural land. These regulations enable developers to increase the height of the building and achieve low-cost residential properties.

In this sense, therefore, the Government in LDA City of Lahore already got a territory of 9000 Kanals. The development of 50,000 apartments has been planned for this property. The land falls mostly in Lahore's Mouza Haloki. Besides, about 2800 Kanals of land has been acquired for this mega-development project out of a total of 9000 Kanals.

Apartments Naya Pakistan – All Info

In the first step of development, these apartments are constructed on 2200 Kanals. Indeed, these apartment buildings have also been preliminary planned by the engineering wing of the LDA. These apartment buildings will have ground +2 floors and ground +6 stories, based on recent updates from our sources. A total of 9000 apartments will be constructed in the first phase of development. The apartments will be designed for the WASA, TEPA, and LDA employees. The government will also provide these employees with a credit facility. This loan for public employees is funding by the housing financing corporation.

The LDA has planned to build up to 125 blocks in Mouza Haloki within a year of four-story apartments on 563 Kanals. There will be 32 residential units for each block of the project. Besides, some mosques under the Naya Pakistan Housing Program will be built as part of the program.

During the recent meeting, LDA officials also agreed on the development, of the 8,500 Kanal of land reserved for the construction of 35,000 residences, roads, sidewalks, drainage systems, water treatment facilities, and other infrastructures. This project also accepted the PC-1, which amounts to PKR 20 billion. Additional details of these government officials' Naya Pakistan apartments are: Grade 1 to Grade 4 staff will be assisted with 5,000 apartments spread over 800 sq. Yards. In total, 2 708 apartments will be available for government employees in grade 5 to grade 16 spanning 1,100 sq. Yards.  Besides, 818 apartments spanning 1500 sq. yards will be available for Grade 16 to Grade 21 employees.

In the next phase, the government plans to build more apartments. All the apartments will develop for the general public during the second phase of construction.